Introducing The Dealmaker - Framed Eyewear

Introducing The Dealmaker

The Inspiration

Beginning any project at Framed we always pick out an icon of eyewear to inspire us.
For "The Dealmaker" we chose Swifty Lazar.

Swifty Lazar was a famous movie agent who was dubbed "Swifty" by Humphrey Bogart after he closed 3 movie deals in a day.
In Hollywood where there are as many star seekers as grains of sand on a beach Swifty Lazar stood out from the rest
with his work ethic, lust for life and of course his iconic eyewear.

The Drawing

When beginning a drawing we want to dissect and focus on the most essential element of the eyewear,
or what in architecture they call the Partis pris. For The Dealmaker we wanted to stress the boldness of the temple.  

The Prototype

Once the drawing is complete we move to a finalized vector drawing to measure and finalize sizing and structure.

The Model

When the vector drawing is approved, we move into the 3D space to look at the form at all angles.
From here we can look at the prototype test in different faces and adjust. A nice feature of
all FRAMED eyewear is that the fit virtually universally and come mounted with spring
hinges to allow ease when places the frames on and taking the frames off.

The Finished Product

Viola the finished product! The Dealmaker is made with 100% sustainable and renewable bamboo and comes with a gorgeous bamboo case.
The lenses are polarized and uv protected so you can enjoy as much of the summer sun as you wish!

The Dealmaker is available to purchase today. Check it out here!



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